Akai S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library

Akai S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library

Volume 1 XL – Complete S3000 & CD3000 Library

A. Piano/Keyboard/Mallet
B. Strings
C. Brass/Wind
D. Drum/Rhythm
E. Percussion
F. Bass/Guitar
G. Voice/Organ
H. Synthesizer
I. Work Station
J. Sample Wave Mixing
K. Sample Wave Mixing
L. Sound Effects
M. Ethnic/Break Beats/Orchestra/Others

Volume 2 – Complete S1000/S110 Library

A. Piano
B. Strings
C. Brass/Wind
D. Drum
E. Percussion
F. Bass/Guitar
G. Voice
H. Keyboard
I. Synthesizer
J. Others
K. Work Station
L. Sample Wave Mixing
M. Sound Effects

Volume 3 – Drum Kit Collection

A. Kick
B. Snare
C. Tom
D. Hi-Hat
E. Crash Cymbal
F. Crash Cymbal
G. Ride Cymbal
H. Ride Cymbal
I. Snare
J. Tom
K. Drum Kit

Volume 4 – Rhythm Loop Collection

A. Dry Loop
B. Ambience Loop
C. Synth Loop
D. Effect Loop
E. Others Loop
F. Bonus Sounds

Volume 5 – Percussion Collection

A. Cuba
B. Cuba
C. Brazil
D. Africa
E. Other
F. Other
G. Ethnic
I. Kit

Volume 6 – Sound Effects Collection

A. Daily Life
B. Tools
C. Human
D. Background
E. Synth FX
F. Transportation
G. Other Sounds 1
H. Other Sounds 2

Volume 7 – New Keyboard Collection (for S3000 XL)

A. Piano
B. Piano II
C. Strings
D. Guitar
E. Bass
F. Synthesizer
G. Voice
H. Mallet
I. Other

Volume 8 – General MIDI Sets

A. GM Set #1
B. GM Set #2
C. GM Set #3
D. GM Set #4
E. GM Set #5
F. Percussion / Sound Effects
G. Drum Kit

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