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A silent flash of cold steel strikes from the shadows.

The Blood of Heroes [1989]

During the 1980s, in the wake of The Road Warrior, there was a slew of post-apocalyptic films being made. Most of these (Steel Dawn I’m looking at you) are totally lacking in execution and/or substance, but one of the few that stands out is The Blood of Heroes (aka Salute … Continue reading

Conan – Monnos

Conan have done it again! Two years after their debut Horseback Battle Hammer [review], and only one year since their split with Slomatics, Conan have returned with a six-song pummeling that leaves any remaining detractors trembling with fear and begging for mercy. But no quarter will be granted by these … Continue reading

La Roux – La Roux

Well, I must confess, double-platinum Grammy winning pop isn’t typically the type of thing I consider edgy, relevant, subversive, or underground enough to review, but something about young Ms. Elly Jackson has severely captured my interest. This red-haired androgynous shining star of electro-pop has drawn me into her lovesick moody … Continue reading