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A silent flash of cold steel strikes from the shadows.

Red Sparowes – At the Soundless Dawn

(Neurot Recordings) Take the quieter parts of Isis and Cult of Luna, mate them with Sonic Youth and Interpol, strip away almost all the vocals, then add a dash of frenetic explosiveness.  This is an approximation of “At the Soundless Dawn”.  Most people would preface their description of this band … Continue reading

Transmission0 – 0

(Go-Kart Records) In a pregnant genre that is on the verge of being saturated with copycats, clones, and panderers, we see a band break away from the pack. That genre is atmospheric metal, and that band is a 5-piece from Holland called Transmission0. To their dismay, they are easily comparable … Continue reading

Hyatari – They Will Surface

Receiving a promo copy of this album was rather thrilling, after being such a fan of Hyatari’s earlier release, “The Light Carriers”. After inspecting the packaging, which is well-done and still minimal, but more involved than just black-on-black, I turned it up louder than usual and let it run through … Continue reading

Hyatari – The Light Carriers

Inititally a self-release, and now thankfully available through Earache, this album is a hidden gem brought to the surface. The sound is comparable to a more tribal and less chaos infected version of Halo, subtract most of the vocals. Another possible comparison would be bastard child elements of Neurosis and … Continue reading