Bangor Media Collective

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About Us:

Bangor Media Collective is a dynamic and diverse group of people who create and appreciate art in all mediums. We are located in Bangor, Maine, but our members come from many towns in central and rural Maine. Our focus is on supporting artists in ways that deepen connections in our communities. We are inspired to find new ways to connect the arts with social and economic justice, as well as to empower artists of all mediums and levels of experience to create, enjoy and share art.

The Collective was founded in 2009 by Zeraph Moore, who continues to coordinate and organize with the Collective. Zeraph also works as a blog writer for Maine Gallery Guide. The Collective’s treasurer is Martin Chartrand.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to connect and strengthen artistic, activist and economically disadvantaged communities through the creation and appreciation of art, and thereby increase the diversity and vitality of the arts in greater Bangor.