Akai AX80 Synthesizer Hacking

END USER INFORMATION Akai AX80 Owner’s Manual CHIPSET REFERENCE SHEETS AND OTHER TECHNICAL INFORMATION DOCUMENTS Intel 8279 Display and Keyboard Interface, NEC uPD8279C NEC uPD2764 EEPROM NEC uPD446 RAM NEC uPD8253C Programmable Interval Timer NEC uPD8255AC Peripheral Interface Texas Instruments (TI) 74LS293 4-bit Counters Toshiba TC4050BP Hex Buffer NEC uCOM … Continue reading

Recapping, Repairing and Maintaining Vintage Synths, Samplers and Audio Equipment

Here is some info on rebuilding power supplies (PSU) and other maintenance or repair for vintage audio gear from the ’80s and ’90s, featuring a listing of parts and often their possible modern replacements/substitutions. Note: A lot of equipment comes in various versions. Do not take this parts list as … Continue reading