Akai AX80 Synthesizer Hacking

END USER INFORMATION Akai AX80 Owner’s Manual CHIPSET REFERENCE SHEETS AND OTHER TECHNICAL INFORMATION DOCUMENTS Intel 8279 Display and Keyboard Interface, NEC uPD8279C NEC uPD2764 EEPROM NEC uPD446 RAM NEC uPD8253C Programmable Interval Timer NEC uPD8255AC Peripheral Interface Texas Instruments (TI) 74LS293 4-bit Counters Toshiba TC4050BP Hex Buffer NEC uCOM … Continue reading

Valley People Audio Manuals

Allison Research aka Valley Audio aka Valley People aka Valley International was a company specializing in pro audio in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. As the company (in its vintage form, at least) is no longer with us, the owners manuals, service manuals, and schematics are rather hard to find. … Continue reading