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E-mu Emax

If you have been looking on the Internet for sounds for your E-mu Emax, you probably have found the one major repository of factory sound banks at http://www.hermannseib.com/english/synths/emax/banks.htm, but have also likely noticed that it is incomplete and has not been maintained for quite some time. You may have also noticed that a great majority of sample disks located elsewhere are partially or totally corrupt.

Fortunately for you, we have made available an entirely complete archive of all known E-mu Emax factory sound banks. We have been diligent in attempting to verify the images are fully intact and that they are as accurate as possible, but it is possible that some are mislabeled. Also, there are a few unknown banks that could be missing, which are most likely Dev/Diagnostic disks (similar to the SE update, or M.U.S.T. disk). All documented/known banks are in good working order and loadable on your E-mu Emax via EMXP.

Note: Given that E-mu continually tweaked and updated these banks throughout their history, it is difficult/impossible to precisely know or declare a definitive version of the factory bank library.

Get the complete Emu Emax factory sample library disks below:

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Three bonus starter images in Omniflop format (write to 3.5″ 720K/800K DD type disks):

Emax SE OS 1.1 (bootable, no banks)
SE Waves Disk (bootable, SE OS 1.1)
MIDI Controller | Master Keyboard Disk (bootable, SE OS 1.1)

The MIDI Controller disk is designed to conveniently change the MIDI output channel simply by selecting the corresponding bank. No sounds are contained on disk, its only purpose is to facilitate using the Emax as a master keyboard with other MIDI gear.

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