Floppy Emulators for Audio Gear

Note: This page is a very minimal work-in-progress which will be fleshed out as time permits.

There is little reason to buy overpriced “pre-configured” floppy emulators for most studio gear. Aside from Lotharek HxC, most other floppy emulator units on eBay are simply inexpensive Gotek units flashed with a freely available operating system firmware known as FlashFloppy and configured with sound disks, and other content freely available here and elsewhere on the Internet.

It’s easy to do it yourself! Be confident!

– Buy a cheap Gotek which preferably matches the color scheme of your synth/sampler/sequencer.

– Get a USB-A to USB-A cable to facilitate installing FlashFloppy.

– Optional, but highly recommended: Buy an OLED module to replace the 7-segment display in the Gotek.

– Although almost any USB drive will work with the Gotek, SanDisk Fit is the perfect physical size and capacity for floppy drive emulators.

Please refer to the Gotek OLED installation guide, if planning to install that optional upgrade.

After installing FlashFloppy, make sure the Gotek jumper is set to S0. Make sure the floppy ribbon cable is in the proper orientation when connecting it to your audio gear.

Next, add the proper CFG file corresponding to the device.


S900 — to be added


ESi series — to be added


VFX SD — to be added


TX16W — to be added

Then add all the disk files (typically HFE, but raw format is generally supported) you want.

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